Inescapable messaging that reduces injuries

Select from over 200 safety topics in the SAFE System library

Safety World’s SAFE System enables you to deliver consistent, inescapable messaging that can change behavior and reduce injuries.  The SAFE System includes everything to drive key messages throughout your organization, including Safety Meeting Outlines for supervisors or trainers, interactive Safety Meeting Employee Cards and Scratch-Off Quiz Cards for employees, Table Tents for high-traffic locations like break rooms, and Safety Posters for reinforcement near entryways, equipment, or hazards. Most topics are available in English, Spanish, and French, and complete kits can be tailored to meet the needs of any workplace.


Safety Communication Products That Work

The SAFE System is based on a study developed by Stanford University, which discovered that changing behavior through "inescapable messaging" resulted in increased safety awareness.

Regular inescapable messaging can help reduce injuries in the workplace.

SAFE System products make it easy for you to select topics and implement innovative new approaches for taking key safety messages to your people. Click here to view our most popular topics.

Use the Simpsons to Create Awareness

SafetyWorld is proud to offer safety communication products that feature The Simpsons.

Tap into this global phenomenon to power up your safety communication and training programs.

Get your message across to all employees with unique, high-quality illustrations that tell a story and grab attention; instantly recognizable characters that break through cultural and language barriers; and, a product that is especially strong in the most at-risk safety demographic -- young, inexperienced employees.